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Doubt with a Product

Hello all,

I have interested in buy ASPOSE PDF for .NET but I have any doubts,

· If I have a Field in database with this content “


”, The render of PDF interpret and get the image file and put into PDF or no?

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for your interest in our products.

As per your requirement, you can read the contents from database field, and try using BindHTML(…) method of Pdf class to accomplish this requirement. Please take a look over following code snippet in which I have tried converting HTML string into PDF format.


Pdf pdf = new Pdf();
// Section section1 = pdf.Sections.Add();

Hello<img src=“d:\pdftest\ResultantBarcode.jpeg”/>

//use following line to specify a string value that indicates the image url as from the database when converting HTML to PDF
// pdf.HtmlInfo.ImgUrl = “”;
// save resultant PDF

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