Drawing cannot be converted to PDF


The convertion is fine except the drawing. In a word document we draw 2 lines and they never get converted.

I tried to use the latest aspose.pdf and use the demo document and just draw a line on the template the line still failed to show up in the pdf file.

Can someone please take a look in this?



Thanks for considering Apose.

This problem is an known limitation of conversion. Drawing Object only images and textboxes are rendered. Other shapes are ignored.

It needs Aspose.Words provide supports. I will contact them, hopefully they will give you an good answer.


The funny part is, this actually worked before when we had like the old version. (Unfortunately I don't remember which verion for aspose.word and aspose.pdf we used.)

How we get it to work is to put the drawing in the document header when it was in demo mode. The first page has the demo word from Aspose and in the second page of the converted document, the drawing appear in the header.

Any idea why? Does support of drawing was taking out from aspose.pdf and aspose.word sometime ago?


It seems some type of AutoShape is supported in Aspose.Words but not all. I am not familiar with this issue so I move this thread into the Aspose.Words team.


Hope this can get resolve soon as we just purchased aspose.word, aspose.pdf and aspose.pdf.kit. and as we tried and worked in demo mode. Unfortunately after we get the license and it suddenly become not working.


Autoshape export is not supported during conversion. There is however a workaround for lines. Use paragraph borders instead of autoshapes. Besides, it is an MS Word recommended way for drawing lines separating paragraphs. I think paragraph border lines is actually what you have seen exported during Word2Pdf conversions, because we've never supported autoshape export.

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I do have the document and the template in hand that we used in order to get the autoshape to work and produce by aspose.word and aspose.pdf.

But I do need to ask for my company permission before I can send it to you for verify.