Drawing Special Characters on Excel Sheet through the API



I have a SQL Server Database which stores the state of a check box field (True or False) . I need to read from this database and do the following

1) If the field is True draw a "Tick Mark"

2) If False Nothing

How do I get a Tick Mark on my Excel Sheet?



Dear Raja,

What is a “Tick Mark”? Is it “v”?

You can use Cell.PutValue method to add the special character and Cell.StringValue to get it.


Yes that is the Tick Mark . I was wondering where you get this character on the key board to code such a thing.


Dear Raja,

I also don’t know how to get it on the key board. :slight_smile:

My solution is:

1. Create a blank word document.
2. Insert “v” from the menu.
3. Cut and paste to my code.