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Duplicate and distorted shapes in cloned slide

I have attached two presentations, original.ppt and generated.ppt. To create generated.ppt I opened original.ppt and then wrote generated.ppt without any further manipulation. On slide 2 in generated.ppt you can see that a number of shapes have been duplicated and are also warped. (shapes are also missing in slide 1, this has also been reported).

I have come across this issue a number of times, somethimes the layout issues can be solved by saving and reopening the presentation. The occurence is not always consistent either i.e. sometimes it happens to certain slides other times it does not.

Is this a known bug and will it be fixed on the next release? I am finding many and new cloning bugs as I test sample presentations and it is becoming a worry that Aspose.Slides is not fit for purpose.


It is a 97-2003 presentation that I am viewing in 2007. Which thread was this answered in?

Thank you for information. We will look into it; cloneslide should work fine with 2003 format

Thanks, this confirms my issue. It is not possible for me or many users of Aspose.Slides to specify which version of PowerPoint clients should use, particularly if they are large organisations. Do you have any plans to fix this, the duplicate/warped shapes seems to be a common problem? I have noticed that often the problems shapes are those that contain bullet points.

I get the impression that many of the bugs I am experiencing are by viewing in 2007, is there not a common Microsoft standard for PowerPoint?


Apologies for being so persistent about this but these problems are causing significant delays to a project. I have tested many different slides and I think that the duplicate/warped/bulleted shape seems to be one of the most common problems when viewing in 2003 presentations in 2007.

Is this likley to be fixed in the next release, if not when do you think it will be fixed?


Any update on this? Having been advise that my problems were 2007 specific I am very surprised to see the same problems in 2003? Ideally you can fix these issues quickly but if not can you advise on what can be done to prevent it when creating slides.

As I wrote we can’t find the source of the problem yet. In case you have this problem
also in PP2003 that means bugs was added in some previous version of Aspose.Slides or
Aspose.Slides simply doesn’t work with some particular presentations.
Anyway, if we will find any workaround or fix it I will write here in the forum immediately.
Btw, I can reproduce the problem in PP2007 only. My Office2003 updated to the latest SP3.

The problem can be reproduced in PPT 2002 SP3. Please let me know if you are investigating this or if it is possible to escalate this with additional support.


Half of the problem (doubling text) has been fixed. Currently we are working on missing autoshapes.
For temporary quick workaround you can switch to 2.8.0 release.

Good to hear that you are working to resolve the problem, hopefully this will be working in the next release?

2.8.0 is much better, however seeing a few problems with images though, getting ‘image cannot be displayed, your computer may not have enough memory yo open the image, or this image may have been corrpted’.

Having looked into it I think the mages ni the original presentation are Windows Metafile (*.wmf) files. Are these supported? I have reported this as being an issue in 2.8.6 too (in that instance slide was blank where image should have been).


We have found the main source of all last problems. That is bidirectional writing.
So it will be disabled in the next release till future investigation.

“image cannot be displayed” means image is in Mac’s PICT format.
PowerPoint offers to save such images as .wmf or .emf but really they are PICT.
Picture.Image property should return null in this case.

PNG image warping problem you posted in another thread will be fixed.
Most probably that is because of wrong coordinates recalculation
of grouped shapes but we didn’t investigate it yet.

Thanks for the bug fixes, the image problem I was seeing is ok in this version (must have been 2.8.0 specific)

Please also see the new version of Aspose.Slides