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Duplicate Bookmark Text

I am using the DocumentBuilder with an existing Word Document as a template. I am creating multiple documents with different bookmark information from the same template and saving the output to a new document file. The first document is created correctly but when the next document is created the bookmark text from the first document is still in the bookmark field and the text for second is concatenated to the first one. How do I clear the previous bookmark data when a new document is created? I tried setting the bookmark text to an empty string before writing the new value but this didn’t work. I am using the Aspose Words dll version

Please attach some additional info, such as an example of template, generation code and resulting document. Otherwise, it is not entirely clear where the problem emerges.

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I have been trying to send more information and file attachments and a code sample per your request but I keep getting a Server Not Found error.

I have notified webmaster of the problem. He will contact you on this issue.

Meanwhile you can get in direct contact with me by sending me e-mail via post Contact | Send e-mail menu or from my profile page. I will mail you back and then you will be e-mail me the related files and info directly.

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