Dwg to pdf with paging


I use demo to convert dwg to pdf and all content is drew in one page,

can i convert dwg to pdf with paging?



I have observed your comments and request you to please visit this documentation link. Please share feedback with us if there is still an issue.


I checked the doc and your github demo but found nothing,could you pls send me more accurate doc url?

Is there example code in your demo at github?


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I suggest you to please visit the documentation article again as I am able to load the Github samples attached. You may read the articles for possible options and use them as per your requirements.


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Do you forget the attchment? :smiley: ,i use java demo,thanks!


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Sorry for Incorrect description.

I mean when one dwg converted to PDF,there are lots of pic in pdf , can you convert one pic for
one pdf so it will be easy to print.

You can check the attached pic, i want the red box could be saved to pdf separately.

Thanks!33333.png (58.6 KB)



Aspose.CAD for Java does allow to export single or multiple layers to PDF. You may select individual layer and export that to PDF. Please visit this documentation link for your kind reference.


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" Converting All CAD Layers to Separate Images
You may get all the layers from a CAD drawing using the CadImage.Layers and render each layer to separate image as demonstrated below."

I found this in your doc, but there is no example code ,can you attach the demo code for me ? thanks!



I request you to please refresh or clear cookies in your browser and try again. I am able to load the GitHub linked example on my end. Please visit this documentation link again or visit GitHub example directly over this link.