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Dynamic fields hiding?

In my PDF form created with Adobe Designer 7.1 i was able to “dynamic hide” fields, for example, when button was pressed, the JScript like this:

FieldName.presence = “invisible”;

was hiding field.

Now I have Designer 6 (Compatybile with Pdf.Kit), and this “dynamic hide” don’t works : /
Is there any soluction for dynamic hiding fields in Designer 6? If not, Aspose.Pdf.Kit won’t feet in me needs : /, i must have thease functionality in my PDF forms.

Thanks a lot, for any help.

Dear Darius,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

In current Kit version, "dynami hide" is not supported and won't be supported in near future. Sorry for the inconvenience bringing to you.

Best regards.