Dynamic number of columns in template based reports

Our requirement is to generate a template based report where the number of columns would vary with the data fetched from the database. Also, within a single row of the output, multiple values fetched from the database need to be displayed.
Can we achieve this with aspose.words?

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Thanks for your inquiry. There is no direct way to do that. However, it is possible. The technique is described in the following forum thread:
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Hi Thanks for the support,
I have gone through the solution provided with .net, however I am looking for a java code, from the implementation i have understood that columns and rows can be randomly generated.
But Is there any template used in this implementation, if so how will it be configured.
For example: my requirements consists of random rows and columns using a template, whereas in your implementation you speak about rows and columns randomly generated, but not of any template.
can you please let us know, how this can be achieved using a template. if possible provide the template too.
Thanks in Advance.


Thanks for your inquiry. In the thread I linked in my previous post, there are two examples. In the first example, the table is built from scratch, and in the second example table is build from template. I think, in your case you can use the second approach. Also, I think, it will be not difficult to translate the example to Java. Please let me know if you need more assistance, I will be glad to help you.
Best regards.