Dynamic table creation in slides If exceeds create slide

Hi Aspose Team,

I have a 6 slides in pptx from the next slide have to create a slide programatically with dynamic data having a table with rows(may be 50 more or less Any Limit for Aspose? ) and columns(max 5) and at the end there is a slide like THANKYOU have to include that too using Aspose.

kindly if u have give me reference code

Please reply as soon as possible


Hi Mukesh,

I have observed your comments. Please follow guidelines on this link. I hope this link will help you to achieve your requirements. Please share feedback with us if there is still an issue.

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Link is not that useful. Can you please provide sample data where we have to create slide and table based on incoming List considering 15 rows max in a slide and then create new slide for remaining data and then repeat


You need to compare the table height+ table Y position and compare it with Slide height. If that is greater that slide height, it means you need to add a new slide or clone existiting one and starting working in next subsequent slide. There is no automatic API function for this and you have to develop your own approach in this regard. Please visit the following link for your convenience.