Dynamically Generate MPX from SQL Server Database?


I’m trying to quickly determine whether Aspose.Project would be suitable for my purposes, so sorry if somebody has already asked this !!

I have developed a web based application (based on .Net 1.0 using visual studio 2002) that essentially allows web based configuration of work breakdown structures (amongst other things) where the html front end hierarchical task view is generated from data pulled in from a table from SQL Server. Basically, each record has an id and a parent id to form the hierarchy of tasks etc. I want to be able to dynamically generate and write out an mpx file that reflects my html generated version. So basically the app will query the database which will return a dataset which I want to convert to mpx.

Down the track I may also want to import an mpx file and populate the appropriate tables in my apps database.

Firstly - is this possible ??
Secondly - can I try the module out before I buy ??

many thanks for your advice,



Hello Alistair,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Project.

1. Yes, it’s possible to generate mpx files from your data.
2. Sure, you can try Aspose.Project with evaluation license. It has only one limitation. All dates in your project will be converted to 2000 year. You can download last release from Aspose.Project 1.1.

Msi file has several examples. Please check MpxCreate. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.


Thanks for the demo - looks like a great utility :slight_smile: - If I wanted to incorporate this into my web application which is based on c#, and which will ultimately be a product that we sell, what kind of licence do I need to purchase and how much would it cost to be able to do this ?


Dear webster,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Project.

Based on your licensing needs you have provided, I can help you to choose the following options:

Product: Aspose.Project
Limitation: Limited
Platform: Web
Domain Name: Multiple
Web Server: Multiple

I can’t choose the rest options at Pricing as I do not know your licensing needs about them. So sorry I can’t give you a firm quote for now. Would you please sort it out by yourself by checking the posts linked to those options at Pricing. Also feel free to talk to me using one of the Live Support at Contact Aspose.


Dear webster,

Thanks for your question.

Small addition.
If you need generate MPX files only then Standard Edition would be okay. For other operations like editing projects and writing MPD format you need Professional Edition.