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Easiest way to accomplish auto-generate chart of accounts structure


We have the requirement to auto-generate Excel documents that contain a chart of accounts. A simplified example of the chart can be this:
1 Revenue
11 Housing Revenue
111 Revenue from sale of property
112 Revenue from sale of services
12 VAT
121 Revenue from vat of sale of property
122 Revenue from vat of sale of services
2 Expenses
21 Construction Expenses
211 Expenses from engineering
212 Expenses from material
22 Capital costs
221 Credit costs
222 Mortgage costs

We have this tree-structure stored in our database. Values are only stored on leaf-evel (111, 112, 121, etc)

Now, we want to generate an Excel document the describes the hierarchy above. The cells for leafs should be filled with the actual values, but the higher levels (11, 12, 1, 2 etc) should contain formulas that sum the lower levels.

I know I can solve this using basic programming in .NET, but it feels as if I should be able to use smart markers or similar to solve this (reasonably common) problem.

Any ideas?




Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Cells for .NET.

Please also provide a source xls/xlsx file with the chart you specified. However, I am afraid, we do not support creation of hierarchy charts.