Edit Password protected files


Hi Again.

It it possible to edit password protected ppt files a created through tools/options/security.
Eg. If a file has had a password set for editing can we edit the file with Aspose Powerpint, replace text add images if we have the password.

Also related but more a powerpoint than Aspose question, Does someone know if you can make a powerpoint presentation stop working after a set date.
But still keep it as a ppt or pps file.
Maybe a Macro in the presntation with a password to stop editing.
Any Ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Dear Garry,

I’m sorry, we don’t support password protected files.


Hi Alexey,

Would it be possible to provide at least READ ONLY support for password protected PowerPoint files?

The PowerPoint reader by Microsoft does which has caused my clients to make it a requirement. I have been able to buy some time saying that it will be in a future release once some of the more critical features are in place, but I need your help in making this a reality.

Best Regards,



Dear Alex,

Read-only will be possible, may be even in February.