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Edit Picture shapes


I want to know if I can ungroup a picture shape in order to edit the differnt parts of shape.

The shape type is a PictureFrameEx.

Hi Asid,

You can use GroupShapeEx in order to handle the shapes that have been grouped. e.g, if a Picture and a Rectangle have been grouped, the shape type will be GroupShapeEx. Subsequently, you can loop through the shapes in the GroupShapeEx object to access the individual shapes.

Thank you Msabir

But I cannot convert a picture shape to a GroupShapeEx. I guess what I want to know if there a way I can access sections of a picture shape. I have a pptx document that contains a shape that is identified by Aspose as a PictureFrameEx with this shape if I right click on it in powerpoint I can select group, then ungroup. After the shape is ungrouped then I can select different sections of the picture and edit it.

Is there a way that I can use Aspose to achieve the above results?

Hi Asid,

A group shape should always be recognized as GroupShapeEx object. Can you please provide the said PPTX so that i can understand your requirement and suggest you better?


I have attached a sample pptx so that you could understand what I am trying to ask. What I ultimately want to do is extract the text that is in this picture frame.

Hi Asid,

The picture in the provided PPTX is the standard WMF metafile and can’t be parsed by Aspose.Slides. You can find an example of reading metafiles here.

Thank you msabir, I will check out the link and hope that it helps