Editing Attributes


Right now I have built a program that is able to modify Project XML documents. However, the problem that I am running into is that I do not know all of the fields that I need to update in order for Project to read the files correctly. For example, if I want to allow my user to update the “Percent Complete” of a task, there are multiple fields that need to be updated. These include “PercentComplete”, “ActualWork”, etc… What I was hoping was that Aspose.Tasks would provide a way that I could automate that so that when the user changes the percent complete, Aspose would modify all the attributes that need to be modified. Is this how the program works, and if not, do you know of any resources that will explain what attributes need to be updated when things like “Percent Complete” are modified?


Unfortunately we don’t have such information. If anybody have it we are ready to implement all project recalculations to Aspose.Tasks in short time.
Really, that’s old problem with changing project fields because sometimes reaction of MS Project is very strange and almost unpredictable.
Now we see only one way. Change different fields and collect statistics on how other fields changed.
It’s heavy and slow work and that is main reason why we didn’t even try to implement it yet.