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Editing existing project files

Do you have any plans to support editing project files?

I notice a lot of Add* methods but no corresponding Edit or Delete methods and many of the properties set by the Add methods are read only.

This might become an issue for us. We want to be able to read a file, query an external database (not Project Server) and then ‘synch’ the differences.

Right now I guess we would have to re-create the file each time, iterating over the ‘old’ file, copying just the right data to the new file and adding new information from the back end.

The problem with this (besides efficiency) shows up if there are any elements in the ‘old’ file that aren’t supported by the Aspose.Project API or our particular application. These elements then are in danger of being lost on the update.


Hello Trevor,

Thanks for your consideration.

Delete methods were partly implemented but not included in the current version.
Probably it will be a hot fix for release.