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Email in Draft Status


How can I create an email message in Draft Status using Aspose Network component.

I have a requirement to create an email message in Draft Status. This email is saved using Attachment.Save method. The saved email will later be used to attach to another email. I could do everything except creating a email message in draft status.

The end purpose is a user gets an email with attachments (email messages). He opens them, customizes them and sends them. Its a pain for him to forward it and remove the standard "FWD: " in subject and have to delete some text in message body etc etc if the email message is not in draft status.

Could you please let me know how I can accomplish that?



Hi Venu,

Do you want to customize the email using Microsoft Outlook after saving it (with Attachment.Save method)? You can customize the message using Aspose.Network.Mail.MailMessage class. You can load the message (msg/eml), edit it and save it. Could you post some test cases what kind of customization is required e.g. load a message, add new attachments, change subject, change body etc…

Message saved by Save() method will open in Outlook in reading mode. However, we will try to find out some way to open it as draft (if possible).

Thanks for the message Saqib.

As you said "However, we will try to find out some way to open it as draft (if possible).", that is exactly what I want

Here is what I do

  1. I create a email message (root message)
  2. I create another email message (attachment message)
  3. I save the "attachment message" to a file using Attachment.Save(Path, MessageFormat.Msg).
  4. I create an Attachment(object) from the saved "attachment message"
  5. I add the Attachment to the "root message".
  6. Send the "root message" to customer.

So customer can open it, customizes it and sends it.

But the number of attachment messages are not just one, but multiple. So it is a big task to send all. If the "attachment message" can be opened in Outlook as Draft, it will save him lots of time and user experience.

Thank You


According to my understanding, you create email messages and attachments (1 to 5) programmatically with Aspose.Network library. And then send the message to the customer.

The customer uses Outlook to customize the message. He is an end user (not a programmer). He will receive the root message that contains multiple email attachments. And he wants to customize each attachment, before sending the mail. It will become easy for him, if each email attachment is in draft mode. Otherwise, he will forward/reply, edit it, save and then attach it to the root message.

Am I getting it right that the attachments needs to be saved in draft mode?

Yes. Thas exactly correct. I need attachments to be saved in draft mode.




Do you think there is a chance of releasing a version (its OK for me even its Beta) with this fix. All I use from ASPOSE is Attachment.Save feature.



Hello, Venu,

I think you mean to save a mailmessage to msg file as unsent mode. Please check the following sample:

MapiMessage mapi = MapiMessage.FromMailMessage(@"\test.msg.eml");


Thanks iret. It opens up emails in draft status. I am facing one more issue related to this.

After I open the attachment in Unsent (Draft) mode, if I send the email, then it fails with delivery error.

If I clear the FROM NAME and put my emailaddress again, it works good.

I am nor sure, but I believe that there is some kind of encoding put in FROM field and so when I send out(Click on Send) the draft email, my outlook is not taking FROM Name (and email address). If I change it then it is taking is my actual FROM DATA. Is there any way to fix this?



Could you please attach your email and the code? We will look into it ASAP.



I am attaching the root message. There will be another message(in draft status) as an attachment. I am also attaching the mail delivery error message.

The things I observed (May be this could help you)

  • If the name and email address of the FROM exactly matches with your outlook client, then FROM will not appear. When we send the email it fails (mail delivery error message)
  • If the name and email address of the FROM does not exactly matches with your outlook client (even a little difference), then FROM will appear. When we send the email it fails (mail delivery error message)
  • When we open the delivery message and change the FROM to your own email address, it sends the email successfully.
  • When the FROM is different to your outlook client and if I change the FROM to your own email address, it sends the email successfully.



I have attached my emails earlier. I am also attaching my code now.




Could you help me on this issue. I have provided my code, sample emails etc. It is very important for me to give these emails in draft mode for customer.