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Email.net - .ost crc errors

Keep getting CRC errors whenever trying to convert (or saveas) any OL'2013/'2016 .ost file to .pst from any type of account using the latest update for Email.net (

Have tried .ost files from
- Outlook.com EAS
- Imap
- Exchange
(specifically from OL'2016 in the above cases - Outlook was closed when I ran the tests. Didn't seem to matter if I accessed the files from the original location or moved them somewhere else. Have also deleted and recreated the .ost files with no difference in behaviour so can't be an issue of a corrupt .ost file)

Sample of code used in VB.Net 2015 is as follows (tried different files using both ConvertTo/SaveAs)

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim pst = PersonalStorage.FromFile("c:\users\karl\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook\**********@outlook.com.ost")
End Sub

Hi Karl,

Thank you for contacting Aspose Support team.

The SaveAs and ConvertTo methods doesn’t support OST 2013/2016 formats as mentioned here. You may please read the OST file and manually convert it to PST by parsing its sub-folders one by one.

Thanks, That note about '2013/'2016 had to be added very recently - it wasn’t there when I first reviewed it over a week ago. Also FWIW, I had posted this issue to my original thread but it seems it somehow disappeared after the auto-notification post about the issue being resolved.

Anyhow - again thanks for the info - at least there’s an alternative.

Hi Karl,

You are welcome. Yes, the note was recently added to the documentation after support for OST 2013/2016 was added to the API. Please feel free to write to us if you have any other query related to the API.

Are there plans to add OL’2013/'2016 ost support to and at some point? If yes, the obvious next question is going to be "any idea of the timeframe:-)

Hi Karl,

These new OST formats are considerably different than the earlier formats and these can’t be converted to PST in place by changing just the file headers. Thus, at present, there is no such option available to provide this feature or plan its implementation. Please feel free to write to us if you have any further query about this requirement.