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Email subject property after changing in Outlook


we are using Aspose.Email 17.7.0. for .NET.
I have a question regarding fetching message. When I fetch message from server, there is Aspose.Email.MailMessage.Subject property which works fine. But when I manually change subject in MS Outlook, the Subject property still shows me original subject and not the changed one. I suppose Subject property is taken from Internet Headers of mail message. Could you please confirm this assumption? Is there any way I can retrieve the changed Subject of email message?

Thank you.
Marian Bakica


Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

I am analyzing this issue and need little assistance. You mentioned that you are fetching message from server and then display its subject using Aspose.Email. Then this message is opened in Outlook and its subject is changed, however while loading it into MailMessage, it shows old subject. I am afraid that I am not able to change the subject of the fetched message as it is not a draft message and cannot be opened in Outlook for changing any information.Could you please let us know the steps to reproduce the issue here as fetched message cannot be changed in Outlook?


thank you for prompt response.
I forgot to mention that I am connecting to Exchange via EWS. So in my inbox there is a message with some subject. When I open message in Outlook (by doubleclick) and click on subject (this allows me to edit it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHScjPxIsQY), then change the subject text. In Outlook I see changed text but when I fetch message from Exchange using Aspose, still the old subject is in Subject property.

I actually also thought that messages in inbox are read-only, but my customer mentioned that you can change at least subject of message in your inbox :slight_smile:



Thank you for providing information to reproduce the scenario. I have tried this scenario as follows:

  1. Send a test mail

  2. Open this mail on receiver end in Outlook

  3. Change the subject of email in the Inbox

  4. Using Aspose.Email for .NET, connect to exchange and fetch the ExchangeMessageInfo using function ListMessage.

  5. Display the subject from ExchangeMessageInfo object. It will display ORIGINAL SUBJECT.

  6. Now fetch the message using FetchMessage function, and display the subject from the MailMessage object, it displays MODIFIED SUBJECT.

Hence it shows that ExchangeMessageInfo retrieves information from the mail headers where as when we completely fetch a message, we get the modified subject. Please give it a try and share the feedback.

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