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Email to TIFF conversion

  1. We are primarily a Java shop. If we buy just Aspose.Email, will it be enough to build a service which converts emails (.eml and ,msg) to TIFFs? I understand it will not convert the attachments.
    I saw the .Net documentation here (https://docs.aspose.com/display/emailnet/Converting+Outlook+Message+File+(MSG)+to+TIFF+Image ), but didn’t find a corresponding one for Java.

  2. Does your Aspose.Email for Java product work with Lotus Notes emails?

  3. Does Aspose.Email for Java work well with Java 8 and Java 11?
    I did see this link: Regarding Java 11 Support
    So I am assuming you have not certified it, but you don’t have any features you think will work only in Java 11?

  1. Follow up question to question #1: If we want to convert emails to PDF, do we need to buy any additional components?


Thank you for writing to us.
Any .EML or .MSG file can be converted to TIFF using our APIs by following the simple steps given below:

  1. Create or load MSG file and convert it to MHTML format using Aspose.Email for java
  2. After loading the file, call the MailMessage.Save() method and save it to stream in MHTML format.
  3. Use Aspose.Words for .NET to convert the MHTML stream to TIFF. Use the Aspose.Words.Document class to load the MHTML stream.
  4. Finally, call the Document.Save() method to save the MHTML document to TIFF.

You may find the code sample given below:

MailMessage message = new MailMessage();

// Set subject of the message
message.setSubject("New message created by Aspose.Email for Java");

// Set Html body
message.setHtmlBody("<html><body>This</b> <br/> <br/>" + "<font color=blue>This line is in blue color</font>the HTML body</body></html>");
message.save(dataDir + "Message_out.mhtml", SaveOptions.getDefaultMhtml());

InputStream in = new FileInputStream(dataDir + filename);

Document doc = new Document(in);
// Save the document as TIFF.
doc.save(dataDir + "TestFile Out.tiff");

Regarding Lotus Notes, it is a proprietary format and its specifications are not available. That’s why support for this feature is not available.

For working with Java 11, please find compatibility details at this link: https://docs.aspose.com/display/emailjava/Compatibility+with+JDK+11

For converting email to PDF, you may follow the link given below:

Moreover, regarding licensing and purchase related queries you may contact us at https://forum.aspose.com/c/purchase

Thanks for the response. That helps. As for step 3, we are using Java, so Aspose Words for Java will work as well, right? Just want to confirm.

To clarify: This is the equivalent class in Java, I presume?https://reference.aspose.com/java/words/com.aspose.words/Document


Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, your understanding is correct.