Emailing using .NET SmtpMail


I am evaluating the Aspose.Word product and am happy with the results so far. However, when I tried to email the created file using .NET SmtpMail, the attachment did not open correctly. I can email other documents (not created by Aspose) using SmtpMail just fine. I can open the document locally just fine if I don’t email it. I can also manually email the file using Outlook and it opens correctly. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and what the solution might be. Thanks!


Aspose.Word creates just an MS Word file. So it must be something that you do (or .NET SmtpMail does behind the scenes) that affects it.

I’m not very familiar with email protocols, but I guess there could be some indication that specifies attachment type or document type or whatever.

I would try to see what is actually different between different email message and take it from there.