Embed PdfViewer into my windows form- who?

I’d like to embed the PDFViewer into one of our screens. Normaly I’m able to create an instance of the control/object and then add it to the controls collection of the form/container. This does not seem to work.
NewPage.Name = “PDFTabs” & PDFTabIndexCount
pan = New Panel
pan.Dock = DockStyle.Fill
NewPage.Text = “Treatment Plan Review”
handle = pan.Handle.ToInt32
NewPage.Tag = _PDFViewer(PDFTabIndexCount) 'pViewer

On the “pan.Controls.Add” line, I get an error message saying that the PDFViewer can’t be converted to a Control. If I can’t go this route, is there another way to accomplish what I need to do.
Thanks for any info that you can provide.

Hi Michael,

I have shared the details regarding this requirement in your other thread. You may have a look in that thread and follow up there.