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Embedded Graphs

Is it possible to insert an OleObject into a Word doc using Aspose.Words? I have an embedded excel graph in my word document. I am able to read this graph, save it using oleformat.save, maniuplate it in aspose.cells and save it back out as a series of bytes, but I can’t find a way to insert it back into my document. If this is not possible, do you have any other suggestions on how to manipulate graphs using Aspose.Words. Thanks.


That is definitely not possible using our current public API. Please give me some time to research and find out if it is possible to implement it in a short time or not.

Any news on this? Thanks.


We can probably add the possibility to update an existing OLE object embedded as Icon. But embeddding of a new object seems impossible at the moment due to undocumented nature of OLE object data format.

Aspose.Slides is able to perform this action. I don’t know if they have some information about OLE Objects that you don’t or else maybe just word and powerpoint are different with respect to them.

In Aspose.Words is there currently a method to edit the MSGraph that comes embedded in Word? Is there a way to read in and manipulate any type of graph using Aspose? We really need this functionality for our software. Thanks.


OLE embedding is too complex and undocumented to be implemented now. I am willing to help you however. Please attach you samples: document before embedding, excel file with a graph, and document after embedding made using MS Word. Then I will check if we can implement it for your particular case.

Best regards,

This does not have to be done using an excel graph. This is just the current way I am doing it in PowerPoint using Aspose.Slides and so I was hoping for consistency. However, any type of graph that can be read out of a word document using Aspose.Words and then manipulated and saved back into the document will work fine.

Attached I have an input word document with an embedded excel graph. I would need to be able to manipulate the data in this graph and the save it back to the document. I attached an example of how the output document might look.

I appreciate your help on this issue.


Any word on this? Thanks.


Sorry I don't think we are able to help you in this situation. As Vladimir stated above, OLE embedding is pretty complicated and we do not plan to support it anytime soon.

The best I can suggest is creating a picture from the modified graph (if possible) and inserting it into the Word document.

Thank you for understanding.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-1206) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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