Embedded Image quality in PDF output


I'm sure I have asked about this before but when might we be able to offer higher quality embedded images in PDFs output from Aspose Slides? At present they are quite ragged and our users need them to be in the range 150-225 dpi (suitable for printing). A pre-set quality property would be excellent so we can adjust it as necessary?

Any chance of this quite soon?


Dear Stephen,

Development team is working on it and I will let you know the timeline soon.

Anyway, if you have any samples for replicating the quality issue for testing purpose, you should attach them, it will help the team.

Please try the Aspose.Slides for .NET

Hi Shakeel,

No, this version has not improved PDF embedded image quality I'm afraid. As you say, it's best if I send you examples, so please find these attached.

You will see that the embedded images contain a fair amount of detail, which unfortunately appears ragged when output as a PDF from Aspose slides. We are keen to improve this because the PDFs are for printing on paper, so ideally the resolution should be between 150-225dpi. It would also be great if there could be a parameter for setting the PDF embedded image resolution ourselves.

Please find the following files attached:-

1) Sample Presentation.ppt

2) Sample Converted to PDF by Acrobat Exchange.pdf

3) Sample Converted to PDF by Aspose Slides.pdf

Lastly, the file output by Acrobat appears to be about a quarter of the size of the Aspose PDF, so is there a way of compressing the Aspose PDF output to approach the smaller size of the Acrobat file?

Many thanks.

Hi Guys,

Any progress on improving the PDF embedded image quality yet?

Users are getting restless, I'm afraid! Thanks.

We will try to provide solution on this week.