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Embedded objects in openoffice files (odt for example)

Is it possible to extract embedded objects from openoffice files with Aspose Words (or other flavors)?

I was successfully able to process MS word documents with embedded objects, but when
I tried (with evaluation version) on odt files, looking in Shapes for “OleFormat”, they are all null.


Currently Aspose.Words does not support embedded objects in ODT format. This will be implemented in the future but I cannot provide you reliable information when exactly this will be supported.


Aspose words is not able to extract embedded files from ODT documents.

is there any solution for extracting embedded files from ODT ?


Thanks for your inquiry. I have verified the status of WORDSNET-3475 from our issue tracking system and regret to share with you that this issues has been postponed till a later date. I am afraid, we cannot push this feature into production right now because there are many other important issues we have to work on. Rest assured, we will inform you as soon as this is supported. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Is the .odt attachment extraction available now ?

If not, any workaround ?



Hi Pramod,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, Aspose.Words does not currently Support embedded objects in ODT documents. We will inform you as soon as this feature is supported. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,