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Embedding Fonts into pdf documents


I got a pdf which is created by Microsoft sql reporting server. The problem with this pdf is it does not have a font embedded into it. Hence when i pass this pdf to some printers, they are unable to recognize the characters hence garbage were printed out. (Chinese characters are replace by funny characters). Is there any way aspose could embed fonts into these pdf?



Thank you for considering Aspose.

You can set IsFontEmbedded. If you are using unicode, font will be embedded automatically.

Which means ,

i open the existing pdf file using aspose.pdf = new pdf(filename)

then use the command isfontembedded?


Dear jjteng,

We misunderstood your requirement before. I think Aspose.PDF could not satisfy your need right now.

Currently Aspose.PDF can not edit already existed pdf document such as fonts embedded. Aspose.PDF is a component which is designed to generate a PDF from scratch.

Sorry for your inconvenience.