Embedding non-Office OLE objects

We are finding it impossible to insert non-Office documents into our slides. Everything other than Office documents gives us the message "The server application, source file, or item can't be found, or returned an unknown error. You may need to reinstall the server application." when double-clicking the OLE icon.

Can someone please give a code sample on how to insert things like JPEG images, PDF files, etc as embedded objects in the PPT?

What are the possible values of the class_name parameter of the Shapes.AddOleObjectFrame method?

What are the possible values of the OleObjectFrame.ProgId property?

It seems no matter what we set this parameter and property to, the embedding is not working for non-Office documents.


The simple way is to insert any such OLE object in presentation using PowerPoint and then read it with Aspose.Slides and check out the values of OleObjectFrame, it will give you an idea, what should be the parameters be passed to AddOleObjectFrame method.

Here is the sample code example, which reads an OLE object frame.

1.8.3 only supports reading PDF files from powerpoint, not writing PDF files to powerpoint..


Hope this helps anyone, I've spent too many hours trying to put PDF documents into a powerpoint slide using aspose slides..