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EML with VCF to MSG shows attachment with 17.5 but not with 18.4

Hi Kashif,
I am using aspose 18.4 jar and I am trying to convert eml to pst. One eml file having vcf attachment and I am emport that eml into pst. But when I am open that pst into Windows outlook 10(32- Bit) then that vcf attachment is not showing the data. But if i open that pst into Mac outlook it is showing proper data.
And also If I am using aspose 17.5 jar then that attachment is showing properly in windows outlook 10(32-bit). So that is a aspose 18.4 jar issue. So can you please check this.
I have attahed the screen shot and that eml file so can you plese check this with 18.4 aspose jar and open in windows outlook. (93.8 KB)

Mail with Contact (2.4 KB)


Can you please directly open the attached EML file in MS Outlook and check if there is some contents available in the EML file in Outlook? We couldn’t find any such information in your attachment. Also, please share complete runnable sample code to look into it at our end.

PS: Please don’t mix your issues by posting new problem in the same thread. As requested previously also, a new issue found may please be reported in a new thread so that it doesn’t lead to mixing of sample data used for testing that specific issue. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Hi Kashif,
Sorry for that I will create new thread for new problem.


Thank you for your cooperation. Can you please confirm if you are still facing this issue you mentioned in this thread?