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Empty gap in beginning in Timeline section (apparent regression in 6.8)


I see a sudden difference in all PDF outputs after upgrading to Aspose Tasks 6.8.

I see an empty week being added in beginning in Timeline section for all files.

This was not happening in 6.7. My code hasn’t changed between the two releases.

This looks like a significant regression. Can you pls raise a high severity bug and raise it to to your Dev immediately.


Hi Rajiv,

Thanks for sharing your concern.

The issue you have mentioned is not a bug but a feature added in the new version. When MSP is used to render MPP to PDF, it pre-populates start and end dates before printing. Similar feature is provided here where if Project.TimescaleStart is read (not available in xml) then rendering begins with TimescaleStart date, otherwise, SaveOptions.StartDate is used.

Please feel free to write us back if you have any other query in this regard.

Hi Kashif,

Well I am not too clear on that … if you’re suggesting that MSP generates the same output as new Aspose Tasks version, then that’s not quite correct. I am attaching PDF generated from MSP (by doing Save-As PDF). It doesn’t have extra dates / week added in the beginning.


Forgot to attach the file …

Hi Rajiv,

Aspose.Tasks has provided more control for rendering the project data. You may please consider the following code which renders data as per user choice. If we open the MPP project in MSP, there it shows starting date six days prior to project start and similarly if we save project to PDF using MSP, it puts gap of one day before starting the project data however using following code user can start rendering data from any date.

Project proj = new Project(“Project.mpp”);
PdfSaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions();
proj.save(“Project.pdf”, options);

Please feel free to share the feedback here.

Thanks Kashif. It helped overcome the issue.


Hi Rajiv,

We are glad to know that your issue is resolved. Please feel free to write us back for any other query in this regard.