Empty space issue in merge document


We have faced empty space issue in merge document.

Issue1: In the merge document the header and the table have empty space in between them.

Please find the ScreenShot1 attached.

Issue2: When their is no value in the table the empty header is appear in the document.

Please find the Screenshot2 attached.

I have also attached the InputXML, Template, And output merge document.


ScreenShot1.png (39.1 KB)
ScreenShot2.png (30.5 KB)
InputAndTemplate.zip (98.7 KB)


Thanks for your inquiry. Please change the paragraph spacing of first paragraph of document as shown in attach image to get the desired output. We have attached the modified input document with this post for your kind reference. template.zip (29.6 KB)
paragraph spacing.png (33.7 KB)