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Empy Excel file 0Kb is generated with aspose cells, no exceptions neither errors are given

Hello, I’m populating a excel file with aspose cells. The content to put in the excel file is formed by at least 7500 rows with 8 columns. The data contains strings, html code and some numbers.

The content I’m adding to the cells is through out the methods:


The weird thing here is that no exceptions or errors are given when populating the cells, actually the file is getting successfully created but empty (0kb).

If I reduce the content by less than 5000 rows is works as expected.

As the content to add in the file is sensitive, I cannot share it.

Any idea how to debug or what to check if I don’t get any error/exception?

Version: aspose-cells-8.7.2.jar

We have tried this scenario with sample data but issue is not reproduced using the latest version. You may try your scenario again with the latest version Aspose.Cells for Java 21.5 and analyze the output. If issue is not resolved, share a complete runnable console application that can be compiled and executed without any error, missing reference or data. Note that issues are always tested with and fixes are provided for the latest version only.

How can I do for debugging what I do while using aspose? Is there any log or configuration for checking those details (console)?


The issue might be due to your own code or something else. So, as requested earlier, kindly provide us a sample Java program (sample code without compile time errors, etc.). We will check your issue and help you soon.