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�Enable Reader users to save form data" parameter with Aspose

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I need to create a pdf with form fields, automatically generated, and that users can edit and save.

The problem is that if I create the entire document with the class Aspose.Pdf.Pdf, I have “modify” access to the document after the document is opened with Acrobat reader, but I cannot save the data I filled in fields.
I could see in forum that I have to activate “
Enable Reader users to save form data" parameters, but I have not seen any property for that parameter in the namespace Aspose.Pdf.Kit or Aspose.Pdf.
I wonder if we should not first create a PDF with Acrobat software such as to enable this setting, like a template, to modify the document later with Aspose.

My question is: is it possible to create a pdf form with Aspose, in which the data can be edited and recorded by a user and if not, what software do you recommend to create a template of pdf ?

Thanks for all.


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Hi Yannick,

Aspose.Pdf allows you to create PDF files from scratch containing the form fields which are editlable. Could you please share the complete code snippet which you’re using to create the PDF file? We’ll investigate this issue in detail at our end and you’ll be updated with the results accordingly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.