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Encounter unexpected results

hi guy
I always got below unexpected result after merging via aspose.word, is it known issue?
is there some hotfixs? thanks in advance.
original word:

  1. Project Schedule… 1
    1.1 Scope of Service and Fee… 1
    1.2 Cost Estimating Services… 2
    1.3 Project Background and Objectives… 2
    1.4 Project Budget… 3
    1.5 The Site… 3
    1.6 Project Brief… 4
    1.7 Information Provided by the Principal… 11
    1.8 Monthly Reports… 11
    1.9 Schedule of Attached Documents… 11

after merging
HYPERLINK \l “_Toc107300890” 1… Project Schedule. PAGEREF _Toc107300890 \h 1
HYPERLINK \l “_Toc107300891” 1.1. Scope of Service and Fee. PAGEREF _Toc107300891 \h 1
HYPERLINK \l “_Toc107300892” 1.2… Cost Estimating Services. PAGEREF _Toc107300892 \h 2
HYPERLINK \l “_Toc107300893” 1.3 Project Background and Objectives PAGEREF _Toc107300893 \h 2
HYPERLINK \l “_Toc107300894” 1.4… Project Budget. PAGEREF _Toc107300894 \h 3
HYPERLINK \l “_Toc107300895” 1.5… The Site. PAGEREF _Toc107300895 \h 3
HYPERLINK \l “_Toc107300896” 1.6… Project Brief. PAGEREF _Toc107300896 \h 4
the simply codes just as follow:

Document d = new Document(filePath);
d.MailMerge.Execute(new string[]
    "Tender Contact Name"
}, new object[]
    "hsheng's test"
d.Save(Path.Combine(docsDir, @"212-12Upgrade_Consultant_Brief_CMTM-12 out.doc"));


Thank you for reporting this issue to us. This occurs because Aspose.Words does not support updating TOC. This feature will be supported in the next version of Aspose.Words, Which will come out at the very beginning of April. Your request has been linked to the appropriate issue. You will be notified as soon as it is resolved.
Best regards.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 10801) have been fixed in this update.