EndType enumeration being set to MaxOccurrences after deserialization



We are currently evaluating the Aspose.Recurrence component.

We are using this component to generate recurring dates based on user defined parameters and then serializing the Aspose.Recurrence.Weekly object which we then store in a database table.

The serialization part of the process works fine, however when we deserialize the object we find that the EndType property is always set to MaxOccurrences. Can you confirm if this is a bug and if so could you provide a temporary workaround and time to resolution for this issue?

Kind Regards

Adam McCord
Software Developer
Harkins & Anderson Ltd.


Hi Adam,

I will look at this issue later today.


Hi Adam,

It was a problem in our component. Thanks for reporting it.

We’ve released a fix, for more details please see: http://www.aspose.com/forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1977#3665.