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Error as soon as Print is clicked

Received : 2007/07/10 14:32:02
Message : Dozens of our users have reported the following problem: documents merge successfully and are presented in MS Word. As soon as the Print option is clicked from the File menu, the text within document "scrunches" to the left-most margin. The document prints that way, and appears that way on the screen.

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Please attach additional information that will allow us to reproduce the problem: Template, the code and the sample data serialized to XML. We will then research and try to fix the problem.

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We've actually found the problem. It has to do with the Font files. It appears for some reason the Times New Roman fonts on the end-user's computer can cause the error to occur.

We've found 2 solutions:

  1. Short-term - select all the text and set it to a new size, this usually works.
  2. Long-term - delete the old Times New Roman fonts and reinstall them from another computer. So far, this has solved everyone's problem.

Just wanted to let everyone know because I've seen a few other posts from people with a similiar issue.


Hello Dave.
Thank you for sharing such experience.
This looks like an environmental issue. Most probably fonts on different machines can differ. Your workarounds will surely work. But maybe you can help us reproduce this. It turns out to be that everything works expect printing our documents. Please let us know if you have any ideas to spot this issue.
Thank you,