Error : Evalution version in use in Excel sheet


We are using a Aspose cells of ‘License version 2.2’ . We are receving the error as " you are using an evaluation version" , where as we have license in place.


The following can be apparent reasons for this issue:

  1. Your license SubscriptionExpiry date (shown in notepad when .LIC file is opened) is prior to the release date of the version of Aspose.Cells library you are using.

  2. The license file is not loaded prior to calling the function/property from Aspose.Cells library.

  3. The license file is not loaded at all due to un-accessibility/un-availability and has passed through some try/catch block thus not raising any blocking exception.

You may please verify all the above-mentioned reasons and if none of then exists, please send us a simple console application along with this license and send us via private message. (Don’t share here on public forum). You can send me a private message by clicking my name or pink icon “A” and then pressing the Message button. We will check your application/license and share our feedback after analysis.


Hi Ahsaniqbalsidiqui,

Is it possible to connect you via mobile or other medium. To discuss the same.



I am afraid that as per company policy it is not possible to contact via phone or other medium. You may please try to explain your scenario here on the forum and if possible, share a test project as suggested in my first post. We will try to evaluate the issue and provide assistance accordingly.