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Error in conditional format?

I’m following this demo using Aspose Cells 7.4.1 trial

but trying to apply a ‘style.number’ conditional format. It simply does not work!


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

Please see the following conditional formatting documentation article to see if it fulfills your needs.

Thanks for your attention, but I think my anwser is not into this help page…

This is my situation:

I have an IF formula that can show two values, like 1234 and 12,3% in the same cell. Of course 12,3% does not show correcty, because of number format - it shows 0,123 (fair enough).

I want to use conditional format to format the cell using 9 or 10 ( or a custom 0.000% format (something like that).

The problem is: the conditional format style simply do not work thi ‘style.number’, but it works like a charm with other properties, like ‘style.background’.

is this a bug? will I have to use a workaround like ‘designer spreadsheet’ ?


Thanks for your further input and using Aspose.Cells.

Please provide us your expected output file which you can create manually using MS-Excel. It will help us investigate your issue precisely.

Thanks for your attention!

here is the example:

I have a menu (list validation in A4). Lines 20 and 24 have a formula that change values using A4 text value. If B4 Value is ‘PERC’, not only the value of lines 20 and 24 are changed, but the conditional format change number format to ‘0%’.

This is almost done using Aspose.Cells (and God, processing is FAST!), but the number format isn’t changing (background color, for example, is changing).


We have checked your file and we found it is a corrupt file. Please check the following screenshot for a reference.

Please provide us correct file which could open fine in Ms-Excel.


Try this XLS, please.
I tested it in three different machines.


Thanks for your file.

We have opened your file, it still opens in Protected View. Could you provide a file that opens fine?

Besides, we think, your requested feature might not be available.