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Error in conversion from PDF version 2.13.11 and Word version


i've just installed the newest version of Aspose PDF and Word , to try this new vesrions.

I've an old .net application that's using pdf version and word

After installing news DLL and rebinding the application, this hangs with error:

Exception of type System.Web.HttpunhandledException was thrown.

Unknown sub element in Cell element. The element name is FloatingBox.

Can you help me?


Danilo Bassan - Italy

Can you please attach your document here and let me test it?

I've attached the word document.

Danilo Bassan

Thanks for considering Aspose.

There is no attached document. Please try again, or mail to

I’m retrying.

I got the file and will give your reply ASAP.

Please download the attachment from A hotfix will be published later.

Thank you. This fix the problem.

Danilo - Italy