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Error in generated xls

I upgraded from a demo version of v1.7 to v1.8 with Basic license. Understanding that I needed functionality in the Standard license, I just upgraded and installed my new license (development license for now).

The following problems occurred:

- v1.8 with Basic license: Although the 1.8 license is installed and implemented as suggest in the documentation, the files are still generated with the demo sheet. (The files are generated without the images, so I assume the license file is loaded correctly). I understand you are working on this problem.

- v1.8 with Standard licence: No changes done to my code, template xls file. Basic development license file was replaced new Standard development license. I assume the license file is loaded correctly, as the file now contains images. When opening the files in Excel, the following error is produced: “Lost supporting data on one or more objects.” but Excel is able to repair the file. Any ideas on what can cause this error just by updating the license file?


Dear Magnus,

Could you send me your designer file (the template file) and the result file to me? I will investigate your problem right now.


And by the way, does it work fine without the licensce file(in evaluation mode)?

Dear Mangus,

I found an extra unneeded ole object in your designer file. That caused the problem. I deleted it. Please try to use returned file as your designer file and have a try. Ben will send you this file.

Ole object’s data are saved in the workbook stream and ole stream of an Excel file. Basic edition of Aspose.Excel removes all data and Evaluation(Corporate) edition retains all data so they all work well. If you want to retain ole object, Corporate edition is needed.

I will add a line of comment in our edition description page.


Thank you for your help. It works now.