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Error in using defaultcellpadding

Hi I am running into an issue where I am trying to apply the default padding attribute for a table and it is now causing random errors… (Invalid index in Rows indexer: -1). I do not understand why this is occuring at times and I wanted to see if 1 this has been patched and I just update my dll? The version I am on is Here is the code snipit that is causing the problem.
var DetailLineItems = new Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Table
ColumnWidths = “90 230 60 30 70”,
DefaultCellPadding = {Top = 10, Bottom = 10}
I do have multiple methods that use the EXACT attributes and they do not throw an error. Any ideas for a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Also if I comment out default cell padding the pdf generates just fine. So I know this is where aspose is failing at.

Quick update. I just found out some parameters with this bug. If i generate 14 line items with cell padding turned on it will work it breaks on the 15th line item. If I comment out the cell padding it will work all the time. Is it possible you have a length issue with in the aspose defaultcelllpadding attribute?

Hi there,

Please accept my apology for delayed response. While testing with Aspose.Pdf 7.7.0, I’m unable to reproduce the issue. Please download and try latest Aspose.Pdf from download area. Hopefully your issue will be resolved. If issue persist, then can you please share some sample code/project to reproduce the issue?

Sorry for the inconvenience faced.

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