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Error installing Aspose.Pdf

I am trying to install the Aspose.Pdf object and the installation can’t complete because of an error.

The error is "The cabinet file ‘_B4E773234AA6568BBD663FD76088E424’ required for this installation is currupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network errror, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package"

I just downloaded the installation object.

I have already Aspose.Excel installed, is there some conflict between the two?


Dear steinar,

Thanks for your consideration.

First, let me quote the feedback from a user.

This is his first feedback:

I downloaded Aspose.Obfuscator.1.0.1064.18052.msi package.
In you installation instructions I found that all I have to do is to double clickAspose.Obfuscator.1.0.1064.18052.msi. But the installation doesn’t begin and I get an error: "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package."
Can you tell me what’s the problem?

This is his second feedback:

I think it’s worth mentioning, although the problem had gone, that I was able to install Aspose.Obfuscator after I downloaded it second time.
I deem that the package was corrupted during the download process.

So could you try to re-download the installer, Aspose.Pdf.msi, and then let me know the result.

It doesnt work for me either. I get throught it and it says Installation Incomplete.
"The installer was interrupted be Aspose.pdf could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again."

I have re-downloaded it, rebooted etc and it still wont work.

Dear Denis,

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