Error on some Special Character


i'm using this component to combine multiple document into 1 document (use section). Problems occured if there are special characters in a document (juz' some special char...not all of them)
These are the error special char : xyfdcu52



What error are you getting?


all of the characters after this special char become special character.
For instance y:
if aspose found ycharacter in a word document, all of the character after ycharacter become special character.

This error occured when i'm writting this post too.
See this example below. I write ycharacter. All characters after y,become special char.


If possible, please attach the documents you’re combining. This would allow us to reproduce the problem.


Attached my result document. This document were populated from 2 document, text document & special character document.


Thank you, we are looking into the issue.


Please post both of the original documents and the code that you use to combine the documents, it will help to resolve the issue quicker.