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Error opening encrypted document with table with more than 9 collumns

When I try to open an encrypted document containing a table with more than 9 collumns Aspose cannot read the document. Reducing the number of collumns to 9, or removing the encryption allows Aspose to read the file.

I attached an example with 10 collumns and password “abc”.

Code used to read the file:

Aspose.Words.Document theDoc = new Document(“test.doc”, LoadFormat.FormatAuto, “abc”);

Somehow the document was not attached. Please reattach it.

Sorry. I’ll try again.

Thank you for reporting the error. I have logged this error to our defect base as Issue #947.

We will try to fix it in one of our next releases. You will be informed of the results here in this thread.

Fixed in Aspose.Words 3.6 which is now available for download.