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Error opening excel file containing Chart areas

I have been getting a 0x80030002 (STG_E_FILENOTFOUND) error when I attempt to open a template that contains Chart area controls. When I remove these controls, the file opens fine.

I have downloaded the latest hotfix (1.8.7), but I still got the same error. I am working on a XP machine, if that matters any.

Is this a known bug, or is there a workaround?


Hi Russell,

Which edition are you using? Basic, Standard, Professional, Corporate or evaluation? Could you email me your template which caused this problem?


Hi Russell,

Yes. Those drawing objects caused this problem. I will fixed it in the next hotfix. It will be released within one week to 10 days.

You can delete those objects now and try other features.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Russell,

The problem is fixed. Please download fix

Thanks. The hot fix fixed the problem with the Chart objects, but it has caused a problem that I can’t identify. When I run the spreadsheet (I’ll send it to you shortly) that has been working, I get an error saying:

Erros in Excel Save method Invalid formula:

I looked at every formula on the page and didn’t see any that were invalid. Any ideas?


Hi Russell,

You can download the latest hotfix here. This problem is fixed.


Everything is working with the new hotfix. Thanks for all the help.