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Error: Please add at least one series of data to the design chart

Hi, I have a spreadsheet with a couple of pivottables and charts. Through my code I fill the sheet which is the source of all the pivottables.

When calling excel.Save or excel.SaveToStream I get the following error:

Please add at least one series of data to the design chart.

This used to work in a pevious version of the file. The thing that I changed was a little vba script. Disabling this does not make a difference.

What could be the source of this exception?

Do you change the charts in your designer file at run time? And which version are you using now?

Please send your file and sample code to I will check it ASAP.

I do not change the charts. I add data to one of the sheets, on which the pivottables are depending, which in turn are the source of the charts.

I’ve mailed you the xls file.

Hi, I’ve created a workaround.

I made sure that in my designerfile the pivots have some dummy data, and so the charts will all be filled with dummy data also. This fixed the exception.

BTW, is it possible to make the pivots and charts recalculate from the API?

regards, Felix