Error "Non-negative number required. Parameter name: count " when opening a document



I’m evaluating the latest Aspose.Word.

what could be wrong when using this code:

Dim word As New Word

Dim doc As Document = word.Open(Server.MapPath(“mydoc.doc”))

Causes following error:

Non-negative number required. Parameter name: count

Here is the stack trace:

[ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Non-negative number required.
Parameter name: count]
System.IO.BinaryReader.ReadChars(Int32 count) +151
Aspose.Word.x.a(BinaryReader A_0, Boolean A_1)…ctor(FieldType fieldType, BinaryReader reader)
Aspose.Word.File.bp.b(bl A_0)
Aspose.Word.File.bp.a(Char A_0, Int32 A_1, bl A_2)
Aspose.Word.File.bp.b(bl A_0, a3 A_1, Int32 A_2, Int32 A_3)
Aspose.Word.File.bp.b(Int32 A_0)
Aspose.Word.File.bp.a(a3 A_0)
Aspose.Word.File.bp.c(Int32 A_0, Int32 A_1)
Aspose.Word.File.a7.a(am A_0)
Aspose.Word.Document.a(am A_0)
Aspose.Word.Document…ctor(String fileName)
Aspose.Word.Word.Open(String fileName)
Tulostustesti.WebForm1.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Tulostustesti\WebForm1.aspx.vb:29
System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e)


Teemu Keiski


To add that I found out one similar issue on this forum and it was fixed by a hotfix.
So is it also a stylesheet without formatting instructions which can cause it? How can I detect such stylesheet to remove it?


You just need to send the file to me to and we will check what’s going on.



I just sent it in. Has it arrived?

Teemu Keiski



This was caused by form field stored in some format that we didn’t know about. Fixed this, just get latest Aspose.Word 1.9.1.


Great, fast service you have, thanks!