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Error: "The license is not valid for this product"

We have a license to Aspose.Total and it works fine for PowerPoint and Excel files. I wrote some code this morning to generate a Word document and I get the following error: The license is not valid for this product. I've checked out the forums and the help files but can not see anything wrong with my code.

Dim oPowerPointLicense As New Aspose.PowerPoint.License
Dim oExcelLicense As New Aspose.Excel.License
Dim oWordLicense As New Aspose.Word.License


The code bombs out on the oWordLicense.SetLicense line. Aspose.Word.Dll is version and license file resides in my bin directory. I have attached the license file for your reference.

Get a newer version of Aspose.Words please.

That fixed it, thanks. I'm just curious as to why it worked in another project I did a few months ago but not this one.