Error Rendering to PPT from SSRS 2005

I am recieving the following errors attempting to use an ASPOSE.Slides render a report in PPT format.

In event viewer I see this error

Exception information:
Exception type: Exception
Exception message: Execution 'ysmxne55guruig450yiidvqy' cannot be found

When attempting to use render via Subscription I get this error to in Report Manager

In Report Manager: The value 'ASPPT' is not valid for setting 'Render Format'

In event Veiwer:
Report Server Windows Service (MSSQLSERVER) cannot load the ASPPT extension.

Dear Patrick,

Thanks for your posting.

I have requested the development lead to help you as soon as possible.


1. Can you export this report as TIFF image?
2. Can you export any other reports as PPT?

In the first case try to create simple test case so we could reproduce it and provide it with RDL report, and report exported as TIFF image.

In the second case most probably Aspose.Slides for SSRS wasn’t installed properly.
Please read documentation for detailed description of manual installation and check RS config files.

I can export to all formats interactivley and all but the APPT and APPS formats via subscriptions. I have verified that all instructions in the help were followed and the the RS config files match what the help file shows.

BTW your help file is missing a double quote in at the end of the CodeGroup element. I am only having errors when attempting to render via subscriptions. The APPT and APPS options are available in the drop down as render types but when the subscription triggers I recieve the error that I posted.

Thank you for the information about help file, we will fix it.

I tested both RS2005 and RS2008 with subscriptions today. Reports are generated.
The only difference is I used subscription to shared folder instead of email.
Could you please attach here RS configs and log file.

Also there is known problem in Aspose.Slides for RS 2005.
<a href="
Please check the log if you have something similar.