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Error Saving Word document after inserting images using template document and aspose.word 1.6

We are using trial 1.6 and a word document template with text and images.

After inserting images using aspose.word at runtime, an attempt to Save As… in word results in “The Disk is Full trying to write to C::”. Later it was found that if we remove one of the images in the template, the problem goes away.

We can’t immediately send an example due to security. Question is - is there any known issues with adding images to an existing template ? Right now our work-around is to add them at runtime only. Are there any known problems with types of images ? The problem image was a .png file. Sizes were not large at all so we ruled that out. We are creating a ten page document with about 7 images, not very large.

Saving to HTML works. Saving to RTF resulted in similar error, “word was unable to write some of the embedded objects due to insufficient memory or disk”.

New info - if we change the position of the image in question before saving, the save works fine.

Has anyone experienced this problem ? If so, please post info here.

I will try to reproduce this problem and report back asap.

Roman, more info… it appears that the image in question causing the problem was a picture that when I right click on it, Word says “Unknown Object”, not a picture object as expected. Also changing its position, word gave me an error something like, “cannot find application blah, blah”. It seems that this may be cause for problems when aspose parses and rebuilds the images - just an FYI.

Perhaps you know what all this means. I’m not a word record format guru.

If we can reproduce with just an object so I can send only the problem I’ll let you know.

I need more info on this one because I cannot reproduce. Unfrtunately, there is a myriad of ways the images can be stored in Word files and not all of them are documented properly - that’s why we have problems in this area sometimes.

1. Do you have any images in the template already before you insert more images using Aspose.Word?

2. If you open and save the document using Aspose.Word without modifying it, do you still have the problem?

3. Do I understand correctly that there is no problem when you just insert images into the document at runtime using Aspose.Word?

If you can isolate a fragment of the document that’s causing the problem (delete all content except the image) and it still gives you the problem, send the document to

Hello Roman, I emailed a word document that is stripped down to only include an image (propritary information stripped) that caused the error.


Make sure you use the latest hotfix of Aspose.Word available from because it works fine for me.