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Error when accessing Oracle Datasource Subscription

I get the following error when a SSRS subscription is run, if the report has an Oracle Datasource.

There is not a probelm with subscription with SQL Datasources.



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Hi jtpurvis,

Please post rdl file here. We will check it.

Please try direct export data from SSRS.

This report uses an Oracle datasource, the parameter name convention is major syntax change vs. a SQL server datasource

Hi jtpurvis,
Please try using Aspose.Cells Renderer or built-in html renderer and oracle datasource to run
your report directly from SSRS web console ,not as a SSRS subscription.
If it doesn’t work ,please post error message.
Because your report works fine with SQL server but fail with oracle datasource ,so I doubt whether there is something wrong in your report definition file.
In the case of using oracle as datasource, please pay attention to:
1. SQL syntax
2. SQL parameters binding
For example:
Oracle: WEREH (DAR.DAR_ID = (:DAR_ID))
sql server: WHERE (DAR.DAR_ID = @DAR_ID)
3. Query Parameters
For example:
sql server:
4 Report parameters
For example:
sql server:

Thank you.

Report renders correctly, but the subscription fails with the above message. I am asking for your assistance, due to the failure being in ACTXT

Not sure why this extension is being called even if the default Excel renderer in used in report


Pleasee see the reply at <A href="https://forum.aspose.com/t/90436</A>. </P> <P>Thank you.</P> <P> </P> <P> </P>