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Error when accessing the licence file

Previously i had Aspose ICalendar evaluation Version. I purchased the Aspose.ICalendar control today. I downloaded the Licence file to my project folder and tried to access it.

I'm getting this error while accessing the licence file.

AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute attribute is not defined on the assembly. Please report this error to Aspose.

Could someone please help me ASAP.


You are probably using .NET 2.0.

Download latest Aspose.iCalendar.dll, it should help. Some earlier versions had problems on .NET 2.0 due to obfuscation.

After downloading the newer version with hotfix....Getting this Error.Cannot find license 'Aspose.iCalendar.lic'.

This article explains how to apply a license. I hope it is pretty straightforward. Hundreds of customers use licenses no problems. Let me know if you still have questions.

I put the licence file in the wwwroot instead of the project folder. It's working now.

Thanks for your help.